The Shiff Garden

Support the garden today! Buy bulbs for spring flowers in your own garden!

In 1991 the “new” Plymouth Public Library opened its doors to a spacious, beautiful interior and a large walled garden space at the back of the library.  A generous memorial gift dedicated by the Richard Shiff estate gave the space a name and a lovely granite bench. 
Many events have taken place in the Shiff Garden from story times to art shows to events like Foundation appreciation dinners. During these many years the “ garden” had few plants and no shade.  We invite you to join in our fund-raising activities to spruce up the garden so patrons can enjoy reading, studying, meeting and relaxing with friends on benches under shade trees and surrounded by colorful flowers. 

Half of all profits support the garden.

You may also choose to support the garden with a direct donation:

Garden Tour 2023

We held our inaugural garden tour on July 20, 2023. The weather cooperated for us to have a very successful event!

The Shiff Garden Today

The garden is usually much greener; these photos were taken during the 2022 drought.

Our Vision for the Future